Bringing art to life using augmented reality.

We help artists showcase art using tech, offering audiences an immersive, at-home experience.
Our Story

Following the first national lockdown, we realised that many artists were struggling to sell their work due to the closure of galleries. People often hesitate to buy art online as it's difficult to know how it will look or fit on their walls, in their homes. 

Our Vision

We help artists sell their work online by giving their audience an immersive, at-home experience. Visiby allows consumers to assess whether (a) the style, and (b) the size of an art piece meets their requirements, improving

their buying decisions.


Visiby facilitates 'visible buying'. This means that customers can view whatever they're shopping for in their own environment, using just a browser on their smartphone. We place an artist's work onto their website using augmented reality. 


How it works


Try it yourself — rotate, expand and minimise the painting of the pink Dog, the Cheetah and the Thinker sculpture. Then, press the AR button to place them in your environment and see the technology live in action.


Our augmented reality technology  seamlessly integrates with all major website builder platforms, including Wix, Squarespace and WordPress.

This means that you can spend more time handling your artwork and less time on the tech.


Visiby transforms your art into a fully interactive image (like the pink dog painting!) We then upload this 3D image onto your website so that your customers can interact with it and see how it looks in their desired surroundings.

Would purchase more items online if they had an option to 'try before you buy'. Visiby enables this for art buyers, who can see what your artwork

looks like in their environment!

As art dealers strengthened their online presence, sales exploded in 2021. The sudden rise of digital artwork, authenticated with non-fungible tokens (NFTs), has further grown the market. 

More than half of the world's population now have access to the internet, through a mobile device.

No artist has ever had the opportunity for their work to reach such a large audience.

Screenshot 2021-06-19 212307.png

Adwoa and Solomon, Adeche

Using Visiby has levelled up our website and user experience greatly. It has been super easy to set up and works well. The support has been amazing—we were able to get our selected artwork up and running quickly and smoothly. Visiby have changed the game for artists like us, who rely on our website for sales.

Screenshot 2021-07-17 222801.png

Jay Percy Art

Visiby is an incredibly useful and innovative tool that helps my customers visualise the psychedelic artwork I create in their homes, which is needed now more than ever in these times! It's a brilliant application and the team behind it are friendly and open.

It's been such a joy working with Visiby.

What our customers say


Meet the Founder


Avi Sharma

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Tall, dark and handsome. 

When I’m not thinking of ways to change the world, I work at Barclays Bank in Canary Wharf. 

Hobbies include weekly catch-ups with Liz. 


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